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Our Story


Ballistic Coffee Company was founded in 2021 by US Army veteran turned Police Officer, Daniel McCreary. Whether finding coffee in a war zone, or while out on patrol in his squad car he knows the importance of a good cuppa joe. Officer Mac's latest mission, finding the best beans for his morning brew, has become his passion. Ballistic Coffee Co was created to share that passion with you. Our team is proud to produce great coffee, happy customers and look forward to continuing our mission for many more years to come!

Recently we partnered with Stop Solder Suicide. We share the belief that no one who has served our country should ever feel alone. Stop Soldier Suicide is solely focused on reducing the military suicide rate by providing confidential, personalized and innovative care at absolutely no cost to their clients. SSS is not DoD or VA affiliated and is not government funded.


We have added their logo and phone numbers to all of our bags of coffee in hopes that if it helps even ONE veteran reach out for assistance then we have accomplished our mission. One cup of a coffee at a time. 


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Rifle Bullets

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Meet The Team


Daniel McCreary


Daniel is an Army veteran of 9 years turned full time police officer and father of 4. Whether he was straining coffee through a rag in a combat zone or brewing it at home for his friends and family, he's always been a lover of the java!


"My first cup of coffee in the morning gives me the energy to make my second cup of coffee that gets me to work where I can have my third cup of coffee"


Melissa McCreary


Melissa is a full time student and full time mother of 4! (aka wonder woman) She needs all the caffeine she can get. Melissa loves the outdoors, the indoors and everything in between. No matter the occasion though, it starts with a cup of coffee.

"When's the next coffee break?"


Bridgite McCreary


Bridgite is a hard-core coffee lover, holds a bachelors degree in biology from Florida Gulf Coast University, and trained veterinary technician turned entrepreneur. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her two rescue cats! 

"I just want to sip coffee and pet my cats"


Robbie Hackney


Robbie is an entrepreneur, coffee lover, avid hunter and fisher! Raised in Georgia, he currently resides on the eastern shore of Maryland/Delaware. Robbie is always looking for ways to improve on everything, which makes him essential to our team!

"I don't have friends, only family - blood or not"

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