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Nov 24, 2022
The 2021 season has taken a turn for the Dallas Cowboys. After streaking to a 6-1 record and becoming the darlings of the NFL, the Cowboys have dropped three out of four games and have been dealing with some chaos along the way. Mike McCarthy won't be coaching in New Orleans so defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will take his place as the de facto head coach. The Cowboys will get CeeDee Lamb back while the status of Amari Cooper has yet to be determined. On defense, Dallas will get a huge piece back when DeMarcus Lawrence returns to the lineup for the first time since week one. But even with all the help back, the Cowboys players have to up their game. Quarterback Dak Prescott had a very uneven November and wasn't playing like he did in September and October. The constant shuffling of the offensive line for injury, suspension and performance has also seemed to catch up with the Cowboys as their running game has faltered Defensively they have had some good games, but the turnovers they were getting earlier in the season aren't coming quite as often. They were also giving up big plays and accumulating penalties that led to the Raiders racking up big numbers last week. All this has led to the Cowboys desperately needing a win in New Orleans, or the season could really start hanging in the balance Spotify users subscribe right here. Don't forget to leave a rating and write a review! Dak Prescott Jersey Ezekiel Elliott Jersey Jalen Tolbert Jersey


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