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Rasel bd
Apr 23, 2022
I was attracted to the different model UK Phone Number Database List of closed marketplace that allows personalized support to the seller, this is what sets us apart. On the other hand UK Phone Number Database List, I was also attracted to the home improvement sector, it is a sector that has traditionally been little digitized in our country, but with a lot of potential not only because of the boost that the pandemic has brought, but also because we have very relevant UK Phone Number Database List brands and manufacturers in our country. Have your perspectives for this first year in the company been fulfilled? Overall, the company has almost doubled its number of employees since I joined. In business terms, we are growing rapidly UK Phone Number Database List in the six countries where we have a presence, while internally we are implementing new agile methodologies UK Phone Number Database List for developing our platform, in addition to the new remote work policy that I have already mentioned before. It's an exciting time to join ManoMano, UK Phone Number Database List we have many open positions, so for interested readers UK Phone Number Database List I recommend taking a look at our job postings. What weight does Spain have in the ManoMano business? Spain has been a country with a great tradition UK Phone Number Database List for DIY, gardening and home renovation activities, and although e-commerce was smaller compared to other European markets, it was the one that grew the most year after year at an average rate of almost 20%, but at the same time there was hardly a 10% digital penetration in the sector. On the other hand, many brands UK Phone Number Database List were considering taking the step to selling their products online but did not have a trusted partner with whom to make the leap. That is why we decided UK Phone Number Database List to launch in 2015. After this successful launch, we expanded to other European markets such as Italy, UK and Germany.

Rasel bd

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